Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Red Light Company rock V Festival!

yes, because let's say it honestly... they actually were one of the few highlights of their day. And I'm *not* saying that as a fan. There were some good bands actually, I especially liked Howling Bells, The Noisettes, Jet, and obviously The Killers (even though being that the 3rd time I saw them this year, it was getting kind of predictable... Start off with Human, finish with When You Were Young etc etc... great show eh, but enough for this year!!).

However, let's be positive and focus on the good things! The day was very warm and particularly bright, which demanded some B&W shots... I hope you enjoy them at least as much as I enjoyed taking them and watching RLC's performance once again. I wonder whether I'll ever get bored?? Naaah, I don't think so! :-)

Ah, I was almost forgetting to say that this was the last gig for this year. That makes me kind of sad really but the guys had a very busy time and they do need some well-deserved rest. Also, I know there will be very good news coming up soon which will surely make up for the lack of live performances, and honestly I can't wait. So you'd better stay tuned right here for the latest updates on the band's activities because RLC might as well take a break, but WE'RE NOT!!! :)) xxx

p.s. as usual, just click on each image to see it full-screen!

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Monday, 17 August 2009

"Meccano" is out TODAY!

Hello everyone,

this is just a little message to remind all of you that the single of "Meccano" is out today! So do yourself a favour and grab a *digital* copy right now. You can get it from Amazon, Play.com, and iTunes.

Meccano has only been released digitally but for those of you who still love CDs you can always buy a hard copy of the previous release. I have one, as these pictures prove, and I love it! Doesn't it look great?

oh, and it sounds even better, of course!

And if you're not 100% convinced yet, take a look at the video and I'm sure that'll make you change your mind!!


Red Light Company - Meccano

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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Exclusive: new songs from RLC!

So now that I know that RLC are back safe from their tour in Japan (where they played Summersonic Festival in Tokyo and Osaka), I can finally share with you the videos of the TWO (yes, yes, yes, TWO :-))) NEW SONGS!!!

If you caught them playing at some festival over the summer you probably have already heard at least one of these songs, and maybe you were wondering what they were called and maybe you were even eager to listen to them again but no, they're not on "Fine Fascination" ... luckily enough though, you can always rely on your favourite music blog ever! :-)))

So, here you go: the first one is called "Westway Lights"

... and the second one is called "Get In The Way"

I know it's not fair to say that I think that both these songs as amazing as usual, because I seem to honestly and truly like everything they do, but I just can't help it (I am a fan, have I said that before? ;-))!! So if you fancy telling me what you think, drop me a line by commenting on this post. I can guarantee that I am open and available to a democratic confrontation. :-)

Oh, and I apologize if the quality is not excellent. As I said in previous posts the venue was very small and the volume very very loud, so it wasn't really ideal for my poor little camera! But hopefully I will come up with something better in the near future, so stay tuned as usual!!

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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

more from The Square

I must admit that the fact it was an odd location with an odd crowd actually helped, cause we were able to take more pictures and videos than usual...

so enjoy some pictures here and a nice performance of Arts & Crafts.


Photos and video by Robert Pike, Boidus

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