Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Red Light Company rock V Festival!

yes, because let's say it honestly... they actually were one of the few highlights of their day. And I'm *not* saying that as a fan. There were some good bands actually, I especially liked Howling Bells, The Noisettes, Jet, and obviously The Killers (even though being that the 3rd time I saw them this year, it was getting kind of predictable... Start off with Human, finish with When You Were Young etc etc... great show eh, but enough for this year!!).

However, let's be positive and focus on the good things! The day was very warm and particularly bright, which demanded some B&W shots... I hope you enjoy them at least as much as I enjoyed taking them and watching RLC's performance once again. I wonder whether I'll ever get bored?? Naaah, I don't think so! :-)

Ah, I was almost forgetting to say that this was the last gig for this year. That makes me kind of sad really but the guys had a very busy time and they do need some well-deserved rest. Also, I know there will be very good news coming up soon which will surely make up for the lack of live performances, and honestly I can't wait. So you'd better stay tuned right here for the latest updates on the band's activities because RLC might as well take a break, but WE'RE NOT!!! :)) xxx

p.s. as usual, just click on each image to see it full-screen!

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  1. Hello Cecilia!!
    Now I'm able to comment this great blog.
    You know, I love this Band like you.
    I hope we get some great news of RLC soon!!

    This is from the german Fan

    BTW: Great Pics!!

  2. Hi Stephanie, and welcome on the blog, "officially"!! Please stay tuned for upcoming news on the band and thanks for following!!